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Word Work/Spelling
Monday, September 5, 2011 8:35 PM

There are some words students need to memorize how to spell. These are often referred to as The Dolch List or Sight Words.  They comprise 50 - 75% of all words used in school books, library books, newspapers and magazines.  And, of course, they usually are not spelled phonetically.  In our classrooms, we refer to these words as our Word Wall Words.  We will add five new words (seven for 2nd graders) to our word wall each week.  We'll send home an updated list each Wednesday, so that you can help your child with learning these words.  These words need to be memorized and spelled correctly all of the time.


Words Their Way is a hands-on word sorting curriculum.  The following are some of the curriculum goals:

  • Learn spelling strategies

Students will learn spelling strategies that will assist them when they are trying to spell unfamiliar words.  Sounding out is only one of several strategies.  Other strategies that will be taught are making connections to other words by patterns or by meaning, using a known word to spell an unknown word, and using a word part to spell an unknown word.

  • Learn common patterns

Students will learn common patterns used in spelling.  These patterns will include consonant blends (street), vowel patterns (rain, bake), words with silent letters (light), and how the meaning of base words change when a prefix (rewind, unknown), or suffix (teacher, running) is added.

  • Develop a spelling consciousness

Students will develop an awareness of words.  The goal is for students to become word experts, to recognize when a word doesn't look right, and to choose strategies to spell and write correctly.  Children will become more aware of words and word patterns in their environment.

  • Develop word awareness and interest

As we explore words through spelling and meaning, the children will begin to develop a curiosity and interest in words that will transfer into reading and other content areas.

  • Develop the ability to use reference material with ease

Students will learn how to use reference materials such as the word wall and dictionaries.